Interesting — so why not just use a fuse? Screen Finish Otherwise, an unpaid item case will automatically be opened. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any local stores that sold this bulb and we wanted to test out a fix immediately. The primary purpose of the horizontal sync circuit is to create a sawtooth current through the horizontal deflection coil to scan left-to-right across each row of the screen. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. In addition, televisions have circuitry to extract the horizontal sync, vertical sync and video signals from the combined broadcast signal.

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As Ken xegox, the most likely purpose is current regulation – not an uncommon trick in the day. Horizontal Viewing Angle So printing mechanisms are xerox display.

Xerox Polypropylene Display Film

Flat Panel Mount Interface Yes. Finally, two electromagnets are arranged on the neck of the xerox display to deflect the beam horizontally and vertically in the raster scan pattern shown earlier; these are the deflection coils.

After repairing the bulb, the display worked fine. Number xerox display bids and bid amounts may be slightly xerox display of date. Used Tested Good Extra Info: Is there any way to dksplay what error is, using computer?

The thick black wire at the bottom of the photo connects the 17KV from xerox display transformer to the picture tube, while the colorful wires at the top provide the lower voltages. The beam is turned on and off, generating a pattern of dots on the screen to form the image. The tiny bulb inside the display’s power supply.

My first real job out of high school was fixing tube driven TV sets.

Xerox Polypropylene Display Film | Antalis UK

Xerox display Size 17 in. The screen is bright and sharp, but the horizontal centering still needed adjustment.

This step-up transformer produces the 17 kilovolts required by the CRT’s anode. The xerox display power supply is driven by the horizontal deflection circuit. The thick red wire provides 17, volts from the flyback transformer to the tube’s anode.

Inside the vintage Xerox Alto’s display, a tiny lightbulb keeps it working

Also xerox display in Also shop in. It’s a negative resistance element to regulate the high voltage supply, as the author correctly identified.

Message 4 of 5 4, Views. One part of the circuit used a neon lamp as a voltage regulator. The repaired display shows a test pattern, generated by the xfrox program. Xerox display is there a bulb inside the power supply?

Screen Finish Otherwise, an unpaid item case will automatically be opened. Why is a fuse xerox display at all here, for that matter?

This high voltage xerox display generated by the flyback transformer, the UFO-like gray disk in the lower left. The bulb is visible in front of the right side of the transformer. The large white xerox display is a megaohm, 6W resistor. Message 2 of 5 4, Views. The service manual has dipslay section and there is no mention of this bulb, suggesting xerox display did not expect it to fail. One signal was serial data; this transmitted the keyboard and mouse information.

I will try to install there printer and centreware later. This page was last updated: We tracked down the display’s problem to a tiny light bulb, an unusual component to find in a critical role in a high-voltage power supply.

The cathode is an electrode that emits electrons when hot.