For the laptop systems with Synaptics fingerprint, it is the same driver for all the different PIDs. I think the software update essentially did the same thing – the device was reinitialized and started working. Fingerprint light is green, but nothing hapens when i try tu use it Something is not right within Windows Any idea if it’s possible? You must set a pin to use the built-in Windows 10 reader – or the Lenovo reader. I haven’t personally tried it.

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Any idea if it’s possible?

What’s the relationship between a driver of any particular version and the PID number? Win10 is such a pain.

If so, please read step 18 in the original article. It worked for me on my Thinkpad x, thank you.

The “Set up” button for Windows Hello is grey off So, question is how to fix this? Of course the “older sensor” was fingerpprint in Windows 8.

If anyone wants to know how to make fingerprlnt fingerprint reader work for ANY T4xx with the power-on, hard drive, and login passwords – in 3 steps – let me know.

The fingerprint software is no longer needed, and should be uninstalled prior to upgrading to Lenovo r500 fingerprint Without this button enable I cannot test further.

Something is not right within Windows I too was fighting with my fingerprint reader after my upgrade from Windows 7 to Since, impossible to star the PC with the finger print. Well, I only managed to finish up-till step Ok, my lenovo r500 fingerprint is poor so thank you for your help.

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I also notice that the. I lenovo r500 fingerprint this post will step on your toes someotherguy, but these are the facts. Please send me the steps for setting up the Fingerprint Reader in Windows Change to the Security page, lenovo r500 fingerprint then select the Fingerprint item 4. Ran Norton Removal Tool on Win7 before upgrade to Win10 – Kenovo Norton Removal Tool knocked out the fingerprint reader driver under Win7 so used Control Panel Device Manager to uninstall driver which prompted an automatic reinstall of the driver a further reboot and Win7 fingerprint power on and log in ldnovo back to normal – had NOT yet uninstalled Lenovo fingerprint software at that point – am pretty sure NRT knocked out the fingerprint reader once before on Win7 a couple of years ago.

Here’s a link to the driver and the Lenovo fingerprint reader software: After the reboot, log into Windows using your Windows password. Incidentally, I also tried a system restore — that didn’t work either,: A guide for the Authentec fingerprint reader and Windows 10 would be awesome.

And to answer your question kokmeng fingerprint is greyed out lenovo r500 fingerprint you haven’t set a lenovo r500 fingerprint.

R Fingerprint Reader – Lenovo Community

Once set and password entered via that process. This software was needed because those versions of Windows did not natively support lenovo r500 fingerprint readers. Uninstall any Lenovo fingerprint reader software currently installed and reboot. You must set a pin or Windows lenovo r500 fingerprint login will fail regardless of whether you are using the built-in Windows 10 reader or the Lenovo software.

I think my computer would fall into the “Note about T and Earlier” section, but lenovo r500 fingerprint ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software would not detect my Authentic reader.

But now, Lenoco can’t use my fingerprint to configure my BIOS as replacement for supervisor password after resetting fingerprint data. It is not an 18 step process, it takes only 3 steps.

Below are the steps I took to successfully upgrade a T system running Windows 7. Is there a way to make it work?

lenovo r500 fingerprint Choose the option to Reset Fingerprint Data, and then wait for it to finish 5. You must set a pin to use the built-in Windows 10 reader – or the Lenovo reader.