I’m running Sonar X1 Producer on Windows 7 all updated on a 64x machine. Download Now Released July 28, View release notes How do I change the system playback on my Mac? Hope I was able to help some people out. I never installed the one that shipped on the CD, and the download non-beta driver never worked. I feel sure it’s just a matter of finding out how to configure When using these, the wave profiler runs fine, all bit-rate and sample-rate options are selectable, and the few test tracks I recorded came out fine.

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ASIO drivers often do not have adjustable bit depth. Contact one of our regional U. Technical Articles Improve your technical chops with these articles, which cover a wide variety of topics. PreSonus Shop Purchase PreSonus software, hardware, accessories and apparel straight from the source.

Reinstalled, uninstalled, cleaned reg, nothing is working: Help is almost always available on the DUC for any issue, but people need to start with the Audiobox usb asio Us Help You link at the top of every audiobox usb asio, follow all the recommendations and, if still having issues, post the necessary information needed for others to be able to help.

I’ve had some big projects using the 44VSL and haven’t even had a single dropout, and I’m using audiobox usb asio of in-the-box stuff. Presonus support opens in 45 minutes Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, Randy G.

If the AudioBox is audiobox usb asio set up correctly you will not be able to record or even playback anything. Download Now Released March 29, View release notes Downloads Software and driver updates, tutorials, manuals and more!

Music Education Solutions, training, and lesson plans for educators in music technology and music performance. Download Now Released March 29, View release notes 8. RobertB Max Output Level: First, like many people suggest you audiobox usb asio to make sure your drivers are updated.

Download Now Released March 29, 3.

Installers AudioBox Studio Driver v2. The settings can sometimes slip off even though you don’t do anything to them.

bit AudioBox USB Driver for Windows Released | Press Releases | PreSonus

When using these, the wave profiler runs fine, all bit-rate and sample-rate options are selectable, and the audiobox usb asio test tracks I recorded came out fine. Product Repairs Click here to arrange repairs and check repair audiobox usb asio for your PreSonus gear. Select your operating system macOS Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Switch to Threaded Mode. The PreSonus has a “mixer” interface with some setup options.

I wrote presonus about it and they said they were aware of the issue and the fix was to but a DI box.

Recording Made Easy

The playback is not affected with using the AudioBox as the device. Anyone else having trouble with this update? This might be common sense to a lot of you audiobox usb asio Pro Tools fellows, audiobox usb asio for for people like me just starting out it can be very difficult to find help. Blog Check out stories about tours by PreSonus artists, love letters and videos from customers, and more.

If you’re running Windows 7 bit, then you must have audiobox usb asio bit drivers for the Audiobox. If you are still having problems, it might be because your AudioBox does not have anything plugged in to asko output side.

View More Photo Galleries. Like I said I am no expert on this.

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