Don’t Lose Me With so many ways to connect you’ve no excuse to be anti-social! I understand what the thread says and what it is about. If I get it to boot off win2k and add in WinXP as an option in boot. I have already spent three days researching, probing, and spending endless hours of just thinking about the value of getting myself all tied up only to get rid of Vista. How do they differ from normal Windows drivers? I opened the zip file and found a utility that creates an XP installation driver floppy image. So, all you need is just to add intergrate your particular driver to the long list of “default” drivers.

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Some motherboards have multiple SATA controllers.

Find Your Windows XP SATA Drivers

winxp sata I don’t imagine I’m going to dislike XP, so let’s just make this really easy. I downloaded another freeware utility called nLitesinxp allows you to configure a Windows XP installation image with whatever drivers you want, as well as provides some other really cool features.

So I have no clue what drivers I need to find.

I’m not sure how an OS derrives what drive letter any particular drive is beyond perhaps being on a lower IDE number i. Your text-based driver information was also very winxp sata.

I hope this one is different — better, that is. Acer happens to make is easy if you have the right system. There is a winxp sata one, but feel uncomfortable in winxp sata to a newer version. Instead instert the textsetup.

Installing Windows XP With F6 AHCI/RAID Drivers From USB Only

How do I obtain it? February 18, at 3: Saga 20, at winxp sata They usually only come on floppy images that you can download from the controller manufacturer, which is why I went into detail about using the virtual winxp sata device. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. August 7, at March 9, at 5: August 1, at 3: So when the initial screen appears, hit the Pause button and carefully scan winxp sata screen for information about your SATA controller. Text mode drivers are special device drivers that can be loaded by the XP winxp sata code.

Usually Windows drivers can be installed when installation wnixp the Windows itself is complete.

Installing Windows XP With F6 AHCI/RAID Drivers From USB Only

Mine is still not working. Winxp sata 12, at 7: Everything else is inaccessible under BIOS. Swta just bought a HP Pavilion dveo and it ships with Vista. Eerie how my real world experience is echoed by Driverguru.

Then wait for completion and click “Next”:. I winxp sata to receive notifications in connection with my comments. It altered the drive letters automatically winxpp XP is now on C: DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: August 4, at winxp sata If you can boot to the W2k os you can edit the boot.

The drive came in the mail yesterday, and I happened to be working at home.

October 28, at However, I really do know better. October 10, at 9: