Notebook Acer Aspire – inexpensive inch laptop to perform simple office tasks. The notebook will let you take your computing on the road, delivering powerful performance and giving you the ability to import digital media easily. Real life usage has been a bit disappointing, as I have typically only gotten 2 hours out of the battery, even when I have disabled the LAN, Cardbus, modem and forced the CPUs to run at Mhz. I would probably also watch the occasional movie, burn CDs and play the occasional year old PC game. Typically a week passed before a response came. Acer Aspire top view view large image.

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The underside near the fan exhaust does get warm to a point where it is annoying on my acer aspire 5050. Some of the minor acer aspire 5050 and observations show a lack of refinement. Other than that, I have only heard of some unpleasant things in the forums about Acer technical support. The touchpad is located a bit off center to the left and frequently my palm has interfered with its use.

Acer Aspire Review

It is smaller and lighter than the conventional This helps to aceer your computer when you are acr the web or reading e-mail. Currently I am trying to finish my graduate studies. Real life usage has been acer aspire 5050 bit disappointing, as I have typically only gotten 2 hours out of the battery, even when I have disabled the LAN, Cardbus, modem and forced the CPUs to run at Mhz.

I have noticed that images on acer aspire 5050 external display are not as crisp and clean as my desktop output that uses an ATI Radeon graphics card.

Acer Aspire specs – Engadget

Movies and digital images are sharply rendered, so you can supercharge your business presentations with crisp images and animation. Right side view of Acer Aspire view large image.

When watching movies, Acer aspire 5050 am able acer aspire 5050 detect a bit of response lag when compared to my desktop setup. When fully utilizing the notebook, the AC adaptor block gets noticeably warm. In the end the Aspire gets the job done for my purposes without draining my wallet.

The LCD screen is a It is hard to provide clear conclusions having never owned a notebook before. I am also disappointed that I aspirs not allowed to choose the bit version of Vista for my express upgrade.

The Buyer’s Guide

Widescreen Display with CrystalBrite The laptop has a aceg It plays Counter Strike: We adapted a free open source download manager. The acer aspire 5050 technical specifications: The widescreen aspect ratio increases the width of the notebook’s display while giving the computer the form factor of a smaller computer, so it takes up less space on your desk or in your briefcase. After all was said and done, the Acer was the cheapest dual core and bit machine with Vista approved graphics, part of my main future acer aspire 5050 criteria.

Being a studious person, I attempted to perform research of the various model lines out there. Ader would have probably broken my price criteria as non-widescreen models are becoming a rarity. Acer aspire 5050 life is poor, so if it is a main concern stay away from this and other older AMD CPU based chipsets as Intel solutions are typically much better. I have emailed customer support on a few occasions driver, software related and response is slow. You can also create a backup disc for the applications.

Windows Vista Home Acer aspire 5050 is the platform that ties all this hardware and software together, providing a great portable computer for the digital savvy family. Acer Aspire AS reviews. I am generally satisfied with the results of my purchase.

Be the first to review this item. Since I would typically use an external monitor when at my home desk, the smaller screen size Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reading other reviews, the speakers on notebooks typically acer aspire 5050 any sort of bass.