In standalone mode pictures may be printed directly from 3. The Camedia P offers four basic printing modes: The following options are available:. Printing the same images from a memory card in standalone mode resulted in perfectly smooth edges. Relatively small print size.

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Overall, the Olympus p-400 performs very well in the two-dimensional plots, although we can see olympuz it loses some of the bright greens and cyans, as we observed visually.

Olympus P-400

You’ll see the background go through a Registering process. This version was again scaled to dpi before printing. When you select the Index position olympus p-400 the Mode dial, the image data in the card is displayed as small gray squares on the LCD panel.

Turn the silver dial to access settings and select the input source. Olympus estimates that the entire olympus p-400, at its “fastest” speed, is 90 olympus p-400 per print. Early market response has been good, and the P’s print quality certainly seems to live up to its dye-sub heritage.

The olympus p-400 cost of this unit and of individual photos is our one big hesitation. Olympus p-400 P dye-sublimation printer produces dot-free, continuous-tone prints as 8″x10″, 5″x7″, 4″x6″, 3″x5″, wallets and thumbnails, olypus in just 90 seconds, too.

Some excuse could perhaps be made for fading in direct sunlight, but just hanging on the wall in a home or office? The photo above shows the results olympus p-400 an image printed on the P at a resolution of dpi.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Connected to the computer, it becomes a generic albeit, high-quality olympus p-400 printer, providing only standard olympuss driver functions. Standard, Card, Photo Album, and Index. This is particularly visible along the eaves of the central dormer from the house, and along the green flower stem against olympus p-400 black background.

This worked just fine once we figured olympus p-400 out, but it would be much simpler to include a Cancel button. When printing a picture with even colored blue sky, i get a bit of banding.

Olympus P Specs – CNET

oltmpus Also at the bottom of the LCD display is the number of copies to be printed x 1, x 2, etc. It gives you the option of correcting Sharpness, Gamma, Olympus p-400, and Contrast. In the past, in addition to the high cost of the print mechanism itself, dye-sublimation printers olympus p-400 fairly high consumables costs as well. Inkjet printers generally need to “dither” tiny dots of ink across a larger area to achieve smooth tonal gradations.

It didn’t seem to matter whether the source images olympus p-400 higher or lower resolution, both conditions resulted in jaggies.

Operation and User Interface The P’s user interface is relatively simple, though it did take some time with the manual to completely understand the controls. The P can only be used with the Olympus dye olympus p-400 and olympus p-400 paper so your media choices are quite limited.

Olympus P Dye-sublimation photo printer Review & Rating |

Number 3 is normal. It is barely there but still, enough to anoy me a bit. As with the other printing modes, olympus p-400 preselected olympus p-400 are displayed in the preview screen with a set of numbers to tell olymps which selection you are viewing from the total number of images. Select OK, and all of your images will be printed. Protective layer protects prints against water. These four arrow buttons olumpus in each cardinal direction are located on the right side of the LCD panel.

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Steve’s Olympus p-400 The Olympus p-400 P is the first professional size dye olympus p-400 printer that p400 truly affordable enough for the average user. Can’t do full 8. If you are using a memory card to deliver the files, you must first insert the card into the appropriate reader and then turn the printer’s Mode dial to Input.

This gives a basic idea of how broad a range of colors a printer can reproduce, particularly in relation to the RGB color spaces employed by digital cameras and image-editing programs.