I found one answer — to disable switching between ordinary graphics and hi quality graphics. You might find this tool useful to turn off the discreet GPU: It comes directly from China, money back guarantee, 90 day warranty, etc. Someone did mention a similar size cap but Digikey didn’t have them in stock during my repair; I believe it was a ceramic based cap. There is a positive indicator on it.

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GeForce GT M Can Run PC Game System Requirements

Had the same problem as OP and others here, system would just shutdown randomly eventually through nvidia geforce 330m of troubleshooting narrowed it down to the nvidia card causing the issue.

Hi Guys, thanks for the nvidia geforce 330m here. Also pull the RAM sticks before doing any soldering or applying any heat to the board. With the battery inside and not on AC the device is stock dead, not even battery indicator is working, but with AC charging the battery indicator seems to work, but still no powering on.

Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible.

Just follow the directions in Louis’ video Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit. ZZZ was dead on right.

Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MB?

I finally upgraded to the stupid Mountain OS. Use lots of patiences! You’d think that offering good customer service to a Nvidia geforce 330m group of people would be a priority. One of the victims myself for the past year or so, lost two boot hard drives because of the evil shut downs It appears that apple sold a piece of crap and just nvidia geforce 330m it’s customers to accept that they bought a disposable, unfixable, unmaintainable computer.

Albeit it obviously means not running any graphics-intensive programs that would require the nVidia card. For a more decent fix you can find all the info in this tread: I highly recommend them for parts and nvidia geforce 330m.

One of the images shows you which end of the poly cap is the positive side; the little bar on the cap should be positive I’ll let you know. Of course, soldering may be a bit hard but And second, the capacitor you used from digikey is THE best, or is there a even better one? I use nvidia geforce 330m gfxcardstatus 2. My MBP6,2 is a live and kicking!!!!

I was shocked, I thought they were strongly welded but in fact they were normally soldered. I’ve repaired my MBP thanks your guide!

I’ve ordered the caps you recommended, and will be tracking down a shop in Vancouver that can assist with the repair. But Nvidia geforce 330m am still experiencing random seeming crashes and the reports seem to indicate graphics problems. The steps in Louis’ video is quite simple to follow. Are they pin compatible? Hi, If performed the capacitor replacement today on my MB Pro 2. Just a little confusion.

GeForce GT 330M

I’ve opted for a replacement board from www. Thanks a lot, Edward!!!!

Would really appreciate it. Also, very easy for an experienced person nvidia geforce 330m I think somebody who takes their time, follows direction and has a little experience will do this quite successfully. Install it and be happy.

Here is the link to his video https: