The case is made of hard plastic that looks stable on the cases outside but also cheap. On the other, the optical drive is underneath these keys, whereas a weak spot in the case is created. The “Dolby Home Theater” has been accommodated in the area above the keyboard beside the power button. The hinges on the display appear to be stable but only allow for a restricted opening angle degrees. High-end graphic chips are partly twice as expensive, and the notebooks then also cost twice as much. Cleaning this area will be a great challenge. The keys seem to hover.

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Acer Aspire G review | Expert Reviews

Similar ratings apply to F. You have been selected for a free lawsuit The user’s vanity is demanded because he can look at himself at length in the display. The power button has a certain resemblance Adjacent to the The flat keys may deter some users, but we found it comfortable to use. Acer aspire 5940g Core i7’s clever trick is its Turbo Boost Technology.

Additionally, the keys aren’t close acer aspire 5940g each other, which increases typing comfort aver.

And talking of typing, despite their flat surface, the keys have a good tactile response with reasonable spacing.

The case is elegant but not easy acwr clean.

Acer Aspire G in notebook • The Register

Acer should make improvements in its software. Our Verdict Glorious quad-core power is great, but there’s a few features missing here. On the one side, you tend to apply acer aspire 5940g pressure due to the missing feed back of the “Touch” key there’s no “click” noise. Acer Aspire G review Laptops.

Acer Aspire 5940G Series

acer aspire 5940g After reflective glare displays are still being discussed controversiallythe LED technology in LCDs should only have advantages. In terms of raw performance the G beats any laptop we’ve seen. The display accommodates one of the biggest technical innovations.

The touchpad xspire to be a multi-gesture padacer aspire 5940g which you can control functions with two fingers more or less conveniently, among others zooming and scrolling. Running PCMark Vantage in standard power mode, the machine held up for an hour and ten minutes.

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While clocked at just 1. The battery lasted for minutes 3.

Working outdoors aer better forget it. One small complaint is the screen’s limited movement. Besides, the display hinges xcer be recognized as being such right away. This overclocks aspure processor automatically when you perform demanding tasks. The large display lid impresses in a closed state with imposing fingerprints on the glossy piano finish acer aspire 5940g the two unusual openings of the “Acer Tuba Acer aspire 5940g Booster” trimmed in blue.

This effect is reached with several factors:. The ExpressCard slot is directly above them. But woes betide when an external light source is acer aspire 5940g A maximum of 36 degrees on the bottom is especially pleasant on the lap now in the winter.

It is not as bright as we’d have liked and lacks Full HD support, but its effective colour and contrast and WXGA resolution show photos and movies to great effect.

Acer’s Aspire range hasn’t been conceived as mobile companions, though and will thus probably find its place on a fixed acer aspire 5940g or desk most of the time. And the audible mid-ranges can be called “Bass Boost”, as they aren’t basses and they are still missing completely. Sponsored links Get The Register’s Headlines aspkre your inbox daily – quick signup! The frame appears to have a fairly good torsional stiffness but the stability decreases towards the surface’s center and deformations could turn up under according average pressure.