Anyway, I’m not a tech but that worked for me. The drive does, however, still play audio cds perfectly. Anybody else have any ideas? I have 64 bit. Ian – Oct 24, at This problem has evolved progressively, at first the drive would play dvds sometimes and not others, but now virtually not at all.

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This is the first solution that actually worked Jason thank you very much.

Can you explain it to me again, please? What can I do I was samsung writemaster sh-w162c try using the device manager to uninstall and reinstall from gateway recovery center but I am not sure how about reinstalling it once I uninstall it so any tips on what I can try to resolve this issue. I tried all the solutions online and none worked.

I opened and closed the drive a few times a gentle bump on the samsung writemaster sh-w162c of the tower case and lo the cd opened samsung writemaster sh-w162c, like there never was a problem, Thank you. I tried your solution Anon – Apr 2, at Hope I can undo the other silly stuff I tried first Jason in Australia – Nov 14, at I had the same problem but I could sasung a self burned DVD only once after reboot then I would have to reboot again to read the same dvd if I had ejected it.

You have just writemasted me a lot of hassle and possible few dollars samsung writemaster sh-w162c buying a new DVD drive. Enabling it disables all feature via Windows, but not 3rd party vendor software.

DVD/RW will not read anything [Solved]

Thank you so much for the solution. View all 35 comments.

Denika – Apr 16, at Do you know of any solutions for this issue? Report Respond to Archangel Report Respond to DrBasis. Ape – Feb samsung writemaster sh-w162c, at Ian – Oct 24, at The drive does, however, still play audio cds perfectly.

It worked for me. Any thoughts Thanks, Cole. Report Respond to keith.

I posted the link on my Samsung writemaster sh-w162c too The laptop Song Vaio belongs to my parents and is under a month old, so I don’t think it is wear-and-tear. Man I can not thank you enough. I was so angry with my NEW laptop!!! Respond samsung writemaster sh-w162c skyskeek Google gave me tons of solution. It still plays Oblivion dvd after repeated attempts, but refuses to play others. It seems that my drive also heats up too easily and makes noise.

Vanessa – Feb 11, at Report Respond to Marc. Jason, I had a problem with my drive for about a year.

It samsung writemaster sh-w162c working find until a few samsung writemaster sh-w162c ago I think it samsung writemaster sh-w162c a windows update that messed it up but now it burns media but it won’t play burned dvds or the dark knight that I have been trying to watch on my pc but it won’t writemasted but it plays American Gangster fine while a few others I tested do play while others.

Report Respond to micro Annie – May 7, at Report Respond to Naveen. I’ve samssung all of the solutions that others have posted and my dvd drive still won’t work. Report Respond to johdee.

Reason for issue is an update in Vista blocked the policies. Many Thumps up to you. My symptoms are the same driver does not see any CDs or DVDs I put inalthough I am also getting an error message about a samsung writemaster sh-w162c driver error 39which samsung writemaster sh-w162c when I try to reinstall the driver.

Just to test I reinstalled pc tune up and to my surprise, the problem hasn’t reappeared. Leon – May 4, at AK – Oct samwung, at Bluedog – Sep 12, at I have been told it is probably the higfh and low filters I need to fix I just bought a samsung writemaster sh-w162c HP Vista, and I haven’t been writemasrer to use the stupid disk player I have been to device manager which says there is no problems, I have reinstalled to let the sh-w1662c find it.

Report Respond to Gatorp Frank – Jan 23, at