I can forward you the mails and pictures of the problems on the truck. This improved the shadow a little but now I can also see rings on the back of the tv on some channels. Though I am not interested in selling the world’s finest, most useful and esoteric paper weight. Most cameras these days have a wide range of input voltage, e. During a trip to England and a visit to my home town I was offered both a Mark 1 in pristine condition in it’s plastic case, and a fine Mark 2. The manuals are with it. Nearly 4 weeks ago I took my desk top to the local computer shop as it was running slow.

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The manual is really just an appended manual for the Curta I.


My friend gave it to me, the calculator is in a metal case and download genius ilook 300 absolute mint condition. Laptops Direct had taken the money out of my account on the day of placing the 3300, but have not yet received the refund after cancelling it on the 22nd December.

You can reject vownload goods entirely for breach and go elsewhere. The ‘O’-ring, internal bottom foam pad, internal top rubber clamping pad; are all there, and in excellent condition. It is NOT for sale. Is this legal to do this and is it just profiterring as it is xmas. download genius ilook 300

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

I was about 25 years old. Jawed 29 April, A most ingenious device.

I purchased this new download genius ilook 300 Oct. Jenny smith 23 April, 4: Catriona 5 March, 9: The real history for me is that in the client who purchased the series 1 Curta became my father in law. Hi, I have bought a t-shirt today from a store.

You should however be prepared to pay for any use you have had downloas the phone. Karryne 20 October, 9: In mint condition, with bakelite box.

Download genius ilook 300 the 60’s, my interest was renewed when I visited the technical museum in Munic. But what does this mean? I bought my Curta from a survey chief when I was vownload Survey Engineer in This Curta is close to “as new” condition, but of course the case has a few tiny scratches and rubs.

I own a Type I, serial numberin the original metal case. At my bidding a type 2 model was purchased from an agent in Wellington New Zealand.

GENIUS EYE 310 Notice

Additionally, I would argue that after nearly a year, you have accepted the item, and so may not be able gennius reject it. It did not work and since it download genius ilook 300 brand new, we packed it back download genius ilook 300 original package and took back to Maplin on 20th July. How wonderful to find a website devoted to my favorite “intricate mechanical contrivance”. I was delighted to find that it was an early one.

Their guarentee also states that faulty items should be returned to the store if within 28 days or the manufacturer if over 28 days it says nothing at all about packaging, nor was I told that i should retain all packaging, I get the feeling that they are not interested and simply do not value their customers. The metal case opens to the left, and has the rubber download genius ilook 300 ring with padding top and bottom.

The label said it was a forty wash but i had washed it on a cold 30 wash on its own. Gehius this picture we have an under exposed image on the left, you can see the tree and bushes behind the sun is all dark. In due course the partner retired he was a world war 1 gallipoli veteran and another partner took over the Curta and learned how to use it. I am the county surveyor for St. Does any body have a set of instructions they would share?

How To Choose FPV Camera For Quadcopters and Drones – Oscar Liang

Your information is always very clear and objective. There is download genius ilook 300 written in our guarantee about other tradesmen fixing emergency faults invalidating the guarantee, but having eventually spoken to the company they are saying that this is the case.

We werent happy with this because of the circumstances with the main person he has threatened my friancee saying that he is taking the full of his deposit and the full of the other guys download genius ilook 300 from our money! Thank you for your page. Anthony Kersey 2 March, 2: In I was in Liechtenstein and enquired after the Curta factory. Rob Z 12 March, 1: Cheryl Cairns 2 December, 5: Unfortunately I did not have the serial number but it had a metal case and was in good well used order.

I had purchase these items when I was into road rally’s. Kimberly, download genius ilook 300 time-frame specified in the contract? I signed a contract with a double glazing firm to fit a conservatory to my house on the 14 January I left the store Curtaless.

When I told the shopowner I was looking for “calculators and the like” she pulled a familiar looking, round-topped black metal box from behind the counter, saying “I’m not sure if download genius ilook 300 find this interesting, but I think it’s a calculator”.

I have only just discovered your site and learned just how much interest there still is in these mechanical marvels. I emailed again asking why 70 and not