Word of warning — some of the links mentioned above are well dodgy, with viruses attached. Any other tools or ways to fix my 32gb Imation Nano? Any success stories for people who fixed their HP pen drives?? This article is advanced troubleshooting for a rare condition wherein a flash drive stops getting recognized on a Windows computer, but is still working on other computers. I plugged it in, copied the contents to my desktop and tried to run the U3 LaunchPad software. Hope this would be useful for you.. My problem is that I do not store on it any file larger than 3.

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Actually there is an SDFormatted v 4. I have tried every way possible.

Power Adapters

Nexxtech wireless mouse the device from the USB port. Can somebody help me to reformat my Sandisk Extre Contour flash drive. Other things nwxxtech the disk look normal.

I have a Sandisk Cruzer Switch mouae I was pulling my hair out trying to work out what was wrong — I read so many of the earlier posts as was about to give up when I read your post I uninstalled Samsung Kies and the usb stick was recognised straight away!!!!

Hope it works for u too. The volumes contained on the disk are listed below. I tried hours and hours for all of your advices. I am not even sure if its software or hardware problem. Then click the update button and your pen wirdless should be alive.

Open Command Prompt with admin rights. Thank you nexxtech wireless mouse for support. nexxtech wireless mouse

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This process rendered the drives completely unusable and unable to nexxtech wireless mouse formatted. The problems Clicking the drive letter in Windows Explorer returns the following error message: Nexxtech wireless mouse did work was the following. I had a clean drive that had escaped my earlier bungling. Guys try to google this application…. I have tried many softwares to moues the 0 byte usb drive.

Fixed: USB drive unusable, unformattable, and reporting 0 bytes capacity

I tried on different browsers too and it would just not go through. I went in, and saved what I could, deleted what it would let me delete, and then did a quick format, nexxtech wireless mouse then did a full format. But I guess you knew that already.

Super Stick Recovery Tool did the job in about 3 minutes. Is it possible to do? All NTFS boot sectors are unwriteable. USB drive unusable, unformattable, and reporting 0 bytes nexxtech wireless mouse. Ultimate Solution pretty nexxtech wireless mouse has the ultimate solution. Then I had an idea. Now it all seems to work fine again. I have tried many programs, hiren boot packhp usb.

Fixed: USB drive unusable, unformattable, and reporting 0 bytes capacity | Ardamis

I have tried many softwares to format the 0 byte usb drive but my pen drive is not working. None of this is working for me.

Finally the software which worked was this tiny executable http: The utility pretty much told me I was hosed; too many bad blocks. Thanks for this tip, nexxtech wireless mouse sadly the installer detects that my drive is not a Sandisk drive and refuses to run. Hope that helps someone. Feel free to add additional information in the comments, nexxtech wireless mouse you discover anything new or find any errors.

An 8gb drive could have 2 x 4gb chips, or 4 x 2gb chips, these may be technically different enough that a formatter for one muose not work with another, etcetra. For me the onlinerecovery from transcent worked with my Transcent 4 GB.

When I click nexxtech wireless mouse link, it states I need admin rights, my account nexxtech wireless mouse an admin account, please help? I tried all of the. Which i suspect as a virus while my AVG detected it as trojan. Try to follow the next:.

Was then able bexxtech copy all files to another drive. I had to go through many of the programs though until I found one that would nexxtech wireless mouse my chip.

One of the files was called SanDiskFormatExtension.

I pulled it out and now I have nothing. I solved the problem with a windows xp installation disk: