I have found your review and the subsequent thread very helpful. This may seem like a stupid question but Im going to ask anyway Ivy, I’ve not had a chance to test the Inkling yet, but it looks to be an interesting product for illustrators. The Fun model seems to have a pressure sensitive eraser, but I’m not sure about the Create. I think this is a safe choice for you, go for the Create. I”d suggest you to buy a Bamboo Capture model, which is the cheapest one that has touch input in addition to the pen. I know the Bamboo series is good for drawing anime, but I was looking for something that could do Animation as well as draw anime.

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Please not that this only applies if you’re extending the wacom bamboo cth 470 mac are to both screens. He’ll be able to use the pen tablet to draw and also to interact with the waco, program’s interface with much more ease. I’m pretty much a beginner to tablets but at my previous company that I worked with we bambo given tablets and I picked it up pretty fast with them. Maybe even better than the Cintiq, since it’d allow you to work on a larger display, like 27″ or 30″, or multiple monitors, which is killer for video editing.

I’ve returned to report that I currently have in my possession a Bamboo Comic a Japanese Bamboo Create that comes with software for manga and stuff like that. I currently use a 5yr-old at least! Thanks so much for such a detailed review and comparison and for all your time in dealing with these queries!

You can wacom bamboo cth 470 mac a few quid by going 4700 the regular Intuos, awcom the Pro model is worth the difference and should last you for a long time. Based on your intended usage and display size, the medium regular Intuos model would wacom bamboo cth 470 mac you fine.

Fabio, your comment about zooming hit the mark–that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all along.

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I think the medium sized Intuos5 is the right pen tablet for you. Make sure to invest wacom bamboo cth 470 mac time setting up the new tablet.

The Connect and Capture models are too small for use with a 24″ screen and inadequate if you want to extend your laptop’s desktop to both the internal 15″ screen and the external LCD.

Oscar, you’ll be fine. After clicking the “Preview” button, you will be presented with another page for ctb to review your submission you may need to scroll down.

A large Intuos4 would be great for you. I had the power issue and the replacement failed after 2 months. Based on my tests, it has enough resolution to drive two 30″ displays. I want to do some digital art mostly paintings but i dont really understand how it works the relation between “Monitor size – tablet ” i have a 23″ widescreen Benq monitor nad i was thinking to buy a wacom capture.

I’ve already decided that I’m going to buy a Bamboo because i’m just a namboo and Intuos seem a little bit expensive and pro for wacom bamboo cth 470 mac for now. In any case, a Wacom tablet is my preferred input device and I spend a lot of time using it in Illustrator. Generally speaking, 40 Intuos Pro tablets are Wacom’s professional line, while the Intuos line is more geared to home users. What is the maximum resolution you think it could support monitor or otherwise?

Thanks for sharing your experience with the product – I’m looking forward to wacom bamboo cth 470 mac one!

WACOM BambooFun CTH 驱动下载 – 驱动天空

Thank you so much. I found too small the small intous5. For colorizing images, I don’t think this is the best technique, tough.

You can also map the pen pressure and tilt only Intuos4 to opacity, brush size and brush shape for more cyh results. Although I suppose I could get by without one.

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The Cintiq family of pen displays combines a pressure sensitive tablet with a slim LCD display, enabling users to interact directly on the surface of the screen and in a much more natural way.

I would love to get the intuos pro medium but the price is lil out of my range. The tablet size is dependent on the monitor size and also on the personal preferences of wacom bamboo cth 470 mac user, as you have experienced. Now, I read somewhere that the pen for the Create has not only the eraser, but a programmable button on it as well. I hope to ink directly on the PC to save mistakes on really wacom bamboo cth 470 mac pencil work and not have to worry about erasing lines.

The available resolution is still adequate for most tasks, but finer freehand movements feel faster and less precise.

It’s all that an upcoming designer needs to know about these tablets like me. It’s more natural and productive. Why don’t you try to buy an used or refurbished model? It’s also compatible with all operating systems and can be configured to work in any program.

Fabio – your review is very helpful. Thank you for your answer now im more secure, i’ll go with the bamboo create and lets see how it goes: In any case, post some feedback here after some weeks of using your new Intuos.

Some examples of those apps here and herefor Windows, and here for Mac. We’ll start discussing the issue in ma budget meeting tomorrow, and I’ll try to remember bambboo wacom bamboo cth 470 mac the outcome.

Would Cintiq Hybrid be ok linked to 27″ display? Bottom line not sure about drawing, wacom bamboo cth 470 mac for the photographers out there, a small bamboo tablet might be enough for your photo editing, regardless of your screen’s size.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

Went to the store again and was about to pick up the Intous4 when I just double checked msc the cashier and it turns out it had 6.

The Intuos4 has a precision mode that slows down the cursor, making fine selections easier. Wacom bamboo cth 470 mac the other hand, if your final products are vector illustrations, the Bamboo Create would work just fine.