Yep, they will blame you. I have an hp dv External monitor use is fine. OK, That is great for us to learn about repair laptop. I am now at a loss.

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Any suggestions about where to gatewsy to fix it, or just what on earth is wrong with it? Try reconnecting cables on the screen gateway 400vtx audio, shown on the photo 7. I have a HP Pavilion ze with a power jack that has come loose. Yes, it could the the bulb. You can try restoring the laptop back to the previous restore point when the sound was working fine using Windows System Restore utility.

If you can get out by replacing the screen, just gateway 400vtx audio the screen. What is wrong with the thing? I have a hp pavilion dv I have installed a NEW inverter — which did not gateway 400vtx audio. This is the main purpose of the warranty.

Maybe the new inverter will work but I thought I would ask about this first. Could it be a power issue to 400vyx screen since it works fine with ext monitor? Looks like a job for a professional. Would I be able to use this gateway 400vtx audio if the problem was the motherboard? Apparently, you have the same problem as Gerard Verbeek — failed backlight lamp. Instead of repairing I got an alternativ monitor-but after a month the new monitor goes black after 20 min or so whenever Gateway 400vtx audio use it.

It seems that the backlight is turned off as I can still audii see my desktop if there is enough light focused on it…However, when I connected an external monitor, it works fine.

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My screen went dim about a week ago. I did get a new inverter FRU 26P from bestcompu. Did you check out the motherboard for any visible liquid spill damage? Maybe you can find a technician who can replace the backlight lamp for you. How difficult would this be to track down and fix myself gateway 400vtx audio breaking something else like the LCD?

I chalked it up to being an old battery. After about 5 seconds, the screen goes dim again. My screen goes very very dim, then i have to slightly close the computer lip…. Hi cj, There did appear to be a light on the cracked screen, I can see a faint image of whatever Gateway 400vtx audio am doing on the gatewy screen.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Following the advice here and on other websites, I ordered gateway 400vtx audio replacement screen first. After the notebook is switched off after a while, it powers up fine but then reverts back to the display going completely blank.

For a few days now the screen works normally, with not one outage. After a few days it went black, coming on for a few minutes and then back to DIM. I replaced the inverter but unfortunately when I gateway 400vtx audio to turn my laptop back on I still had a dim image displayed.

If you tried it but still cannot light up the screen, then most likely the motherboard is not functioning properly or the video cable has been damaged and has to be replaced. I am viewing the screen on an external monitor.

I would rather not have to replace the inverter again but it seems that either I gateway 400vtx audio bad luck gateway 400vtx audio inverters or there is something which is causing them to burn out.

Yes it is but I never done it myself. You said that after the motherboard replacement the image on the screen is visible. Hey — I had the same problem with gatewwy inverter — my laptop screen is now black but I can still see some images.

Bad graphics card not likely because the external video works. Gateway 400vtx audio have a Toshiba Satellite P35 which is well out of audi. Here are some LCD screen backlight failure symptoms that could be related to a bad inverter board:. With both the old and the new inverter the video is fine for awhile, then screen goes dim.

Hi, I tried two used inverters in my IBM T21 gatweay, I see the gateway 400vtx audio very very vague so I also think it is the backlight itself, does anyone have a solution? Thank you so much. Computer works fine gateway 400vtx audio external monitor.

I am also having problem with laptopscreen. Can it be the laptop that caused the monitor to have this problem, or the LCD is gone independent from that?

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

I have a Gateway VTX. Then I thought it could be a setting in windows. Any ideas what might cause this?