By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Yeah, I know, most of you already figured this out. If you have inserted a hard drive, reinsert the hard drive retaining screw. Then plug the power cord and turn on the laptop. Paul December 16, Hardware and Software Setup Setting Up the Software The initial setup prompt appears on the screen as soon as the computer is connected to external power. David, Look at the keyboard.

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Compaq EVO M800c Manuals

Windows 98 or Windows NT 4. Also, remove the hard drive and try starting the laptop without it. Need some help with taking the laptop apart? Getting to it is a pain, but can be soldered onto the auxillary board. I upgraded the memory to specs and changed out the drive.

Removable Drives Caring for Drives Drives are fragile computer components that must be handled with care. To change the status of the device in the MultiPort, press the hotkeys. Previous 1 2 3 5 9 Did it just crash and is done? Extending the front bezel to provide a handle Hardware Guide 5— Compaq evo n1000v Devices and Keyboard Using the Compaq evo n1000v Key Sequentially Many commands are entered by simultaneously pressing the key and another key.

Disassembly Sequence Chart Index primary, removing 4—3 calibration of battery packs 1—5 recycling 4—5 camcorder optional 6—4 7—1 replacing 4—2 cap, replacing pointing stick 2—18 storing 4—5 3—5 battery release compaq evo n1000v 2—15 caps lock light 2—7 bay.

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Make sure the wireless compaq evo n1000v is not disabled. The laptop can play CDs and DVDs, so most likely there is nothing wrong with the optical drive or the motherboard controller.

Babu July 28, Set the BIOS to default, if there is such an option. There was no sound.

Turn the computer bottom-side up 1. Our shop uses JavaScript.

Could be just wrong settings. I removed the main and RTC batteries, took compaq evo n1000v the hard drive and let it set overnight. It has power as indicated by the power light, but that is all it does, power on.

Would you please to help me to solve this problem.

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Larry April 20, One light comes on on compaq evo n1000v laptop the one saying the charger is plugged into the laptop. If you have two memory modules installed, remove them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately.

Ryan May 12, Computer System Major Components Is it the keyboard?

If you send your laptop to Compaq evo n1000v, they will replace the whole motherboard and charge you tons of money. Tomek March 6, Recently I found out the the problem is the cable going from my LCD to the main board.

Lights Identifying the lights on the top of the computer 2—6 Hardware Guide The screen keeps going off and on, if I move the top the screen light will come on but if I let go it turns off like compaq evo n1000v if it was closed.

Pointing Devices and Keyboard 4. Press gently on the paper clip until the media ebo is released, then pull out the tray compaq evo n1000v it is fully extended 3. HP disregarded my telling them the jack feels loose and talked me into buying the adapter however I am having the same issues.

Levi March 29, Turn on the computer by sliding and releasing the power switch 1. Paul December compaq evo n1000v, Tried removing the bios battery, and leaving it unplugged for ages, before putting battery back. Grounding Equipment And Methods Do you see any yellow exclamation mark in the compaaq card entry?

Luis Cmopaq September 29, Before inserting a hard drive into the MultiBay: With the drive bottom-side up, slide the bottom half of compaq evo n1000v front bezel upward to provide a handle.

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I have hp pavilion zt, I plugged the AC adapter and tried to turn on the laptop. After pressing the power button this happens: If the rubber cup underneath is damaged, will the new keyboard bought from a company that sells spare parts include a new rubber compaq evo n1000v layout?

To prevent loss of information when removing a MultiBay battery pack that is the only power source available to the system, initiate Hibernation or turn off the computer before removing the battery pack. Kalim tamari July 8, If your laptop starts fine and you can see the Compaq evo n1000v logo, but video fails after Windows starts loading, it could be software issue.